Best Types of Inground Pools for Small Backyards

Transforming a small backyard into a personal oasis is a dream for many homeowners. While space may be limited, the possibilities are not, especially when it comes to installing an inground pool.

We'll explore the best types of inground pools that are perfect for small backyards, ensuring you can enjoy a refreshing dip without sacrificing style or functionality. Dive into the joy of pool ownership and make the most of your small backyard with these inground pool options for top swimming pool contractors in Leander, TX to start building!

1. Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are the epitome of compact luxury. Designed for cooling off and relaxation rather than swimming laps, these pools are typically small, deep, and can be square, rectangular, or circular. They are perfect for small spaces and can be customized with jets for a spa-like experience. Plunge pools are ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a pool without requiring a large area.

2. Spool Pools

A spool, or a spa-pool hybrid, is a smaller version of a traditional pool and larger than a spa. It's perfect for small backyards where space is at a premium. Spools can be equipped with powerful jets, providing a relaxing massage experience similar to a hot tub, while still allowing for a refreshing swim. They can be heated for year-round use, making them a versatile option for small outdoor spaces.

3. Lap Pools

For fitness enthusiasts with limited space, a lap pool is an excellent choice. These pools are long and narrow, designed specifically for swimming laps. A small backyard can typically accommodate a lap pool, and with creative design, it can become a stunning focal point of your outdoor space. Lap pools offer the dual benefits of exercise and leisure in a compact form.

4. Custom-Shaped Pools

Custom pools are designed to fit the unique contours of your backyard. Whether it's an L-shape, kidney shape, or a freeform design, these pools can be tailored to maximize your available space. Custom pools allow for flexibility in design and can include features like built-in seating, a small waterfall or other pool water features, making the most of a small area while adding aesthetic appeal.

5. Infinity Pools

While infinity pools are often associated with large, luxurious spaces, they can also be adapted for smaller backyards. An infinity edge can be incorporated on one side of the pool, creating a visually stunning effect and making the space feel larger. This type of pool is particularly effective in yards with a view, as the vanishing edge blends with the horizon.

6. Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools, also known as compact pools, are smaller than a traditional pool but larger than a spa. They are ideal for lounging, socializing, and cooling off. Cocktail pools can include features like built-in benches and ledges, making them perfect for entertaining in a small space. They can also be equipped with heating elements, transforming them into a spa during cooler months.

A small backyard doesn't mean you have to give up on the dream of having a pool. With the right design and type of pool, you can create a stunning and functional aquatic retreat. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a plunge pool, the functionality of a lap pool, or the elegance of an infinity pool, there's an inground pool option to suit every small space.

Remember to consult with a pool design company who can help you maximize your space and bring your vision to life as long as you're working with professional swimming pool contractors in Leander, TX!