Swimming Pool Financing

Homeowners, the moment you’ve been waiting for is here!

John Pack Custom Pools has nearly 30 years building custom dream pools and helping our customers get the financing they need. Over the years we've worked with a few different companies but the two we recommend most are Lyon Financial and CBHOU.

Get started right away by submitting an application through either trusted party.

Apply at Lyon Financial or Apply at CBHOU

Learn more about the affordability of John Pack Custom Pools.

Pool Loans: We Can Help

Whether your pool project depends on your level of financing or you simply prefer to pay in part with a third-party loan, they have all the resources you need to help you evaluate the options or secure a pool loan when the time is right.

The Financing Process

  • Submit a form through either institution
  • After your form is received, one of their finance specialists reviews it and submits it to a credit bureau for a formal credit check.
  • Based on your credit report, a finance specialist will make a determination about potential financing options and if they are a good match.

Paying for Your Pool with Credit Cards

To make it easier for homeowners to cover upfront costs for a new pool, John Pack Custom Pools accepts credit cards toward a portion of the purchase of a new pool or renovation.

Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Options for credit card payments also vary, as do what they may cover. Please inquire with your John Pack Custom Pools representative for details.

Learn more about the affordability of John Pack Custom Pools.