General FAQs

Are you familiar with the unique challenges of building in Central Texas?

Absolutely, John Pack Custom Pools was founded in Georgetown, Texas and specializes in building pools and outdoor entertainment areas in Central Texas. Over the past several decades, we’ve become experts in overcoming challenges posed by the unique soils and rocks in the area such as caliche, shelf rock, limestone, and clay. We own and use specialized equipment for such jobs and are skilled in excavation techniques to save homeowners money and time when digging and building structures in this area.

How long have you been in business?

John Pack Custom Pools is a family owned business that was founded in 1996. See our About Us page for more details.

What Type of Pool Does John Pack Custom Pools Build?

We build high quality, custom-designed, in-ground gunite (concrete) pools and spas. Our pool designs are endless from contemporary negative edge pools to old world Mediterranean styles pools and everything in between.

Pool Financing and Cost

Why do cost estimates vary when pools seem to be the same?

Some builders will cut corners on various aspects of the pool giving homeowners a lower quality of workmanship or quality of materials. Even compromising the underground strength, ease of maintenance, warranties, and service to lower the price. Don’t be fooled. This tactic can lower the quality of your investment too! Be sure to get as much information as possible about how the pool will be built and exactly what equipment will be used. John Pack Custom Pools never submits low estimates with the intent to increase prices during construction. John Pack Custom Pools estimates incorporate the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, design and customer service.

What are some factors that may affect the price of a pool?

Some factors to consider that can affect the price may be the dimensions of the pool, its depth, the type of materials or decking used, and other features such as a spa, outdoor living area, or water feature. When we meet together we can discuss these issues and help you with some of the decision-making.

Is financing readily available for my pool?

Yes! Financing for your new dream pool is available and fairly easy to obtain. If you’re building a new home, it can often be a part of your home loan. With an existing home, you can either take a regular loan for the pool, utilize an equity line of credit or get a second mortgage. In most cases, the interest from these loans will be tax deductible (consult your tax professional). Your new pool will add value to your home and will be a great asset to have. We will assist you in obtaining the financing through our network of finance sources. Apply now.

Can I get custom designed John Pack Custom Pool with a small budget?

Absolutely! A unique and beautiful swimming pool doesn’t have to come with an outlandish price tag. The award-winning creative team at John Pack Custom Pools is an expert at crafting all sizes and types of pools and spas in the latest style trends to fit almost any budget. Each pool is custom tailored to each client’s aesthetic—and spending preferences. Learn more about our wide range of affordable design and technology choices.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

Our pool prices may start in the $125,000 range. A Pool/Spa combo may start in the $150,000 range.

I have seen advertisements promising pools at very low prices. Is it really possible to get an in-ground pool at these prices?

Generally, No! These “too good to be true deals” are often bait-and-switch advertisements to get you to give them your contact information or to call. In some cases, these companies use low quality equipment and materials and cut corners on workmanship to achieve these low prices. Their clients are often hit with huge surprise hidden costs. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Working with a reputable pool builder who guarantees their craftsmanship is the key. John Pack Custom Pools Pools stands behind our work 100%. Our standards are above "industry standards," regardless of the price of your pool. Our design consultants will give you a good understanding of ALL costs associated with building and owning an in-ground pool up front.

What is included in the initial cost of purchasing a pool?

Your new pool’s cost will include the materials and equipment based on the overall size of the pool area and features desired. Standard pricing will also vary based on ease of access, municipal requirements, ground topography and local permit costs. Much of the initial expense will be based on what is called the "hardscape". Hardscape is what is placed around the pool. The size and materials used in decks, patios, waterfalls, gazebos, planter walls and many other features can be simple or complex. You have the greatest influence on the total budget based on the design of your hardscape.

Pool Style/Type

Are some swimming pool shapes less expensive than others?

No. The shape of the pool has little effect on the final cost. The dimensions, total surface area of the water, and the perimeter of the pool are the two biggest factors in determining the cost.

What pool shapes are available?

Pretty much any shape your imagination can stir up. The options for custom features and design are vast as well. Our expert design consultants will offer suggestions on the best way to utilize the size and shape of your yard. Wherever your imagination takes you, John Pack Custom Pools can design and build it. And if your yard is a blank canvas, the award-winning designers at John Pack Custom Pools can create for you a custom masterpiece all your own.

What pool options do I have?

Let your imagination run wild! Or peruse through our Look Book for ideas. Our team can design and construct a pool that you’ve been dreaming of and that will bring you years of blissful enjoyment. A Design Consultant from John Pack Custom Pools will meet with you to discuss what you want out of your pool. They will help you envision the design based on ways you will enjoy the pool, how much area is available for the pool, what type of outdoor activities you and your family enjoy. They will also consider things like the design of your home and where will the pool look best when viewed from patio or inside the home? Some clients may want to create a peaceful oasis in their backyard, and others may want a resort-style waterpark where their children or grandchildren will play while they entertain. Features such as swim-up bars, bench seating, waterfalls, rock features, tanning ledges, rain curtains, fountains, slides, jumping boards/rocks, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and grottos can be added to almost any pool design. And innovative technology features such as fiber optic lighting, remote controls, automatic cleaning devices and many other options are also available to make your pool ownership easier and more enjoyable. We can help you with these objectives by designing a pool just for you and your space. Once all these areas and more have been taken into consideration, a 3-D computer model of your pool will be presented to you so you can see exactly how it will look when completed.

Salt Water Pools

Does a saltwater pool still have chlorine?

Yes. It’s a myth that a saltwater pool does not use chlorine to purify the water. It does! The difference is that you are essentially making the chlorine on-site rather than adding chlorine tablets. This means that your saltwater pool will have considerably less chlorine and chlorine levels will be stable rather than fluctuating.

Does a saltwater tank need a filter?

Yes. Your pool will still need a filtration system, which is not significantly different from a traditional system. The primary difference is the addition of the salt cell, which is installed between the filter and the pool.

Is a salt water pool better for my skin and hair?

This really depends on the level of use. The biggest advantage of a saltwater pool is that it reduces your chlorine exposure. First of all, this prevents the "chlorine hair" phenomenon that serious swimmers know only too well, as well as reduces eye irritation. For young swimmers, this can be really important, as that eye irritation can make them unwilling to put their head under water and learn to swim properly. It's also better for your swimsuit—overexposure to chlorine can cause more wear and tear over time.

Does a saltwater pool freeze?

Yes, saltwater pools will still freeze if you leave them full during the winter. They don't have the salt levels of ocean water. The freezing point is slightly lower than a traditional pool, but you will still need to winterize your pool.

Is It true that saltwater pools are maintenance-free?

No, it's not true that a saltwater pool needs no maintenance. However, when operated and maintained properly they generally need considerably less maintenance than a regular chlorine pool. Saltwater pools still need to be properly winterized before closing them and opened when the season started. For routine maintenance, you should test the pH and free chlorine levels every week, the salt levels every month, and inspect the salt cell every three months.