What pool options do I have?

Let your imagination run wild! Or peruse through our Look Book for ideas. Our team can design and construct a pool that you’ve been dreaming of and that will bring you years of blissful enjoyment. A Design Consultant from John Pack Custom Pools will meet with you to discuss what you want out of your pool. They will help you envision the design based on ways you will enjoy the pool, how much area is available for the pool, what type of outdoor activities you and your family enjoy. They will also consider things like the design of your home and where will the pool look best when viewed from patio or inside the home? Some clients may want to create a peaceful oasis in their backyard, and others may want a resort-style waterpark where their children or grandchildren will play while they entertain. Features such as swim-up bars, bench seating, waterfalls, rock features, tanning ledges, rain curtains, fountains, slides, jumping boards/rocks, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and grottos can be added to almost any pool design. And innovative technology features such as fiber optic lighting, remote controls, automatic cleaning devices and many other options are also available to make your pool ownership easier and more enjoyable. We can help you with these objectives by designing a pool just for you and your space. Once all these areas and more have been taken into consideration, a 3-D computer model of your pool will be presented to you so you can see exactly how it will look when completed.